Week 50/186

Written by Dad

We’re counting down to a first birthday – and PlusTwo is getting ever more adventurous – exploring, clambering, crawling and climbing. Compared to PlusOne who was quite relaxed and reserved, we’re certainly being kept on our toes. PlusOne continues to love being a big sister and has started taking a great interest in Daddy’s minifig collection – who are getting lots of playtime.

Highlights this week included:

  • Daddy’s Birthday
  • Mummy and Daddy had a night out to see Adele while Nanny looked after the girls

Now, onto the photos…

O Hai!
Bible Study Dinner
What’s down there?
Puppets at the Library
Craft with Daddy
Looking out
Sleepover in a big bed
Tuckered out
Just standing under a table
Just like Daddy
Dressing Gown cuddles
Growing up
Cuddles with Thomas
Birthday Presents
Couch cuddles
Birthday cake for Daddy
Sreeps (finally)

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